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CoasterVille Cheat

Have you ever dreamed about being the best, and greatest player, and have the biggest and greatest place in CoasterVille?
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CoasterVille Cheat
 CoasterVille is a very popular game on Facebook. Your mission in this game it to build the biggest and greatest park in the world. The game is very similar to the well known Rollercoaster Tycoon, which is awesome. You will have to create you own the theme park, design you own roller coasters and restaurants, attractions, and share the thrill with friends on facebook or in the real life. CoasterVille takes the joy of theme park attractions and combines it with adventurous lands, quirky characters and new social features to bring players a magical world with endless possibilities. Be thoughtful when placing coasters, restaurants and service buildings to expand your park faster. Don’t forget about customer service, guests will let you know when they're hungry, bored or even in need of a bathroom break. The game itself is very enjoyable, and you can play it literally everywhere, because it is a flash based game.
The Minor Currency in Coasterville is Coins, they are easy to get. The Major currency is Cash, it can be only acquired by buying it for real money.

Do you want the best place? Or do you want to have much Cash?

CoasterVille Cheat

To be the best player in CoasterVille, it is very important to have a large amount of Cash. As you may know, you can only get Cash by buying it. This is very expensive, and it is not worth it. It was the only way to be the best player in CaoasterVille!

Until now.

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How to get our CoasterVille Cheat?

  1. Download our CoasterVille Cheat.
  2. Unpack the RAR that it comes in.
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  4. Open the game in your browser, click on connect, then click on generate.
  5. Wait 10-20 minutes for you Cash to appear!
  6. Enjoy our CoasterVille Cheat!

CoasterVille Cheat
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